Best Medium-Size Wine List in the World

Four of the World’s Best Wine Lists categories are based on the size of the offering in order to reach a fair assessment. The category of Best Medium Wine List includes lists that feature between 200 and 500 wines (at 75cl bottle-size). A list of this size indicates that those responsible have been building their selection and can really plumb the depths in particular wine regions, styles, or grape varieties. The size of the list provides the wine lover with the opportunity to explore a list with depth and variety. Judges consider the criteria of breadth, depth, height, balance, selection, accuracy, originality, suitability, design, and value when reaching their decision.  

Kinship, Washington DC - Global Winner 2021

Located in Washington DC, Kinship is housed in an historic brick building dating back to 1907. Inside antique materials and furniture pieces are combined with modern details to create an elegant yet comfortable atmosphere, with a fireplace in the restaurant and a lounge area. The menu offers creative and contemporary American cuisine embodying a celebration of craft, dishes that evoke the chef’s travels, high quality ingredients and indulgence.

The wine program features wines from the world’s major viticulture regions with a focus on domestic and French selections. The list highlights a collection of wines in various formats including older wines as well as wines from small producers that are released in limited quantities. This juxtaposition of old and new wine styles makes even the old classics seem cool.


Address: 1015 7th Street, North West Washington, 20001 Washington DC, United States of America

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