Best Wine Bar List in the World

Wine bars around the world are a precious part of today’s wine culture, even if it is hard to reach a hard and fast definition, and even if the boundaries between bars and restaurants may often be blurred. The World’s Best Wine Lists adopts as a working definition of wine bar an establishment where it is possible and usual to order only a glass or two of wine, and where the focus is squarely on the wine list, even if it will always be possible to have complementary food of some kind. With wine bars increasingly doubling as retail outlets, their lists are perhaps shaped by the preferences of their customers to an even greater extent than are those of hotels and restaurants. As with the generally larger restaurant settings, these lists are assessed by the same criteria of breadth, depth, height, balance, selection, accuracy, originality, suitability, design, and value.

VIN Bjørvika - Global Winner 2022

Regional Winners - Best Wine Bar List 2022