Best Short Wine List in the World

Shorter lists can be even more challenging to judge than longer lists. The category of Best Short Wine List includes lists that feature between 100 and 200 wines (at 75cl bottle-size). With a list of this size, those responsible are having to make very clear selections and set out their ambitions and priorities. While the list can still include depth in particular wine regions, styles, or grape varieties, the focus is sharper. The wine lover becomes engaged with the choice as if in conversation with a friend. Judges still consider the criteria of breadth, depth, height, balance, selection, accuracy, originality, suitability, design, and value when reaching their decision. 

Folii- Global Winner 2022

At Erstagatan 21 is our small wine bar, which has already won DN’s Gulddraken for Best Bar, White Guide’s Drinking Experience of the Year and the Nordics’ best glass list by Starwinelist! On the wine list you will find our favorites from all over the world, almost all of which are served by the half glass, full glass, half bottle and full bottle, so you are free to try lots of exciting wines, at your own pace or with our help if you wish. The wine list is updated regularly.

Regional Winners - Best Short Wine List 2022