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The World’s Best Wine Lists recognizes the growing global appreciation and availability of sake. The Best Sake List outside Japan category highlights the lists that focus almost exclusively on sake or have a particularly strong selection of sake within a broader offering. Knowledge of sake among restaurateurs and sommeliers around the world is growing rapidly, alongside the appreciation of Japanese culture, cuisine, and design. Despite the different origins, raw materials, and production techniques of sake and wine, the sake sections of lists are judged by the same criteria of breadth, depth, height, balance, selection, accuracy, originality, suitability, design, and value.

The Chedi, Andermatt - Global Winner 2021

The Chedi hotel in the ski village of Andermatt is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps and is the perfect destination for nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, whatever the time of year. This five-star deluxe hotel in Switzerland is one of the outstanding hotels in Europe, combining Alpine chic and Asian aesthetics in a luxury format. The award-winning restaurants showcase both Asian and European fare including authentic Japanese dishes.

The hotel includes a wine library that offers a worldwide selection of high-end wines. World of Fine Wine Judges noted the outstanding selection of half bottles, and the strong focus on Swiss wines in a wine list that includes the best of the best. In line with the Japanese cuisine, The Chedi provides an award-winning selection of sake to enable to discover all the facets of the culinary world of Japan. The Japanese Restaurant has the most extensive sake selection in Switzerland.


Address: Gotthardstrasse 4, Andermatt, 6490 Uri, Switzerland


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