Best Micro Wine List in the World

The World’s Best Wine Lists recognizes excellence in even the smallest lists, those with vinous ambitions well above their size. The category of Best Micro Wine List includes lists that feature fewer than 100 wines (at 75cl bottle-size) or no more than four pages. Some lists may still focus on particular wine regions, styles, or grape varieties, but every wine has to earn its place and the conversation is even more intimate. Judges still consider the criteria of breadth, depth, height, balance, selection, accuracy, originality, suitability, design, and value when reaching their decision.

Contento Restaurant, New York - Global Winner 2021

Located in the heart of East Harlem, Contento is a barrier-free establishment where stories are shared, wine and food come together, and inclusivity is always placed first. The restaurant’s inspiration comes from the concrete streets of Hell’s Kitchen, up the Hudson River, to the Bronx and beyond. From the neighborhoods of south Brooklyn to the orchards of the Hudson Valley, Contento lives and breathes its home state.

Contento is proudly powered and operated by individuals living with disabilities. Founders George Gallego and Yannick Benjamin dreamed of a safe, barrier-free place of work that incorporated empathy and compassion in its employee training program. After meticulous planning, their dream became a reality. Today, Contento’s staff is fully educated on how to best serve guests with disabilities. Additionally, the restaurant offers aspiring hospitality workers living with disabilities a place to learn, gain experience, and find work opportunities through The Solera Project.

The menu is spearheaded by renowned chef Oscar Lorenzzi, and is focused on high-quality dishes produced with local ingredients and respect for their raw materials. Contento was the Regional Winner for North America.


Address: 88 East 111th Street, New York City, 10029 NY, USA

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