Best Long Wine List in the World

The World’s Best Wine Lists is the first such awards program to acknowledge the crucial importance of a good wine selection regardless of size. But there is clearly the potential for greater breadth and depth in longer lists, and this category of Best Long Wine List assesses those that feature more than 500 wines (at 75cl bottle-size). These longer wine lists enable sommeliers to set out collections of wine that have been made over many decades in some instances, featuring in-depth selections and providing a comprehensive choice of wine regions, styles, and grape varieties. They are the restaurants that every wine lover would want to visit for a special occasion and as often as possible, in order to explore the variety of wines on offer. Judges consider the criteria of breadth, depth, height, balance, selection, accuracy, originality, suitability, design, and value when reaching their decision.  

Guincho a Galera - Global Winner 2022

Elegantly situated in the time-honoured five-star fixture of Hotel Lisboa, Guincho a Galera offers exquisite Portuguese cuisine prepared in the most skilful and innovative style with authentic and top-quality ingredients, taking the art of Portuguese gastronomy to a new level. Luxuriously adorned, the tranquil and intimate environment embraces a timeless ambience bringing guests a remarkable dining experience. Amidst the restaurant’s extensive wine collections of over 17,000 labels from the major wine regions of the world, Guincho a Galera boasts in particular for its impressive and almost complete wine collections across Portugal highlighting some of the Douro superstars. A vintage of Barca Velha, the highest standard of Casa Ferreirinha, the Douro Boy’s Cuvée Magnum and many more. Vertical vintages of some finest Vintage Ports namely Quinta do Noval, Quinta do Noval, Nacional and Fonseca are not to be missed; not to mention some highly rated vertical vintages from the top five producers of Douro First Growth. Our on-site phenomenal wine cellars with horizontal storage areas for over 430,000 bottles are closely monitored, patrolled and controlled discreetly at the optimal temperature and humidity to ensure consistent storage conditions for a lot of our rare and priceless bottles of wine. While we update our wine prices from time to time for wines that are fast-moving and difficult to source, we rarely update prices on wines we have a substantial stock of. Our philosophy of offering wines slightly above our cost is designed to recognize guests’ interest in a good value. Besides the few excerpts that have been brought under the spotlight, there are a lot more precious stories and vertical vintages to be shared from our invaluable wine cellars. Guests are assured of having fun hunting through our discreetly engineered wine list with great value.

Regional Winners - Best Long Wine List 2022