Best Designed Wine List in the World

2020 winner

The categories for the first few editions of the World’s Best Wine Lists centered on the ambition, innovation, and passion of the restaurateur or sommelier in selecting interesting and varied wines. It soon became apparent to the Judges, however, as they studied hundreds of lists every year, that one aspect that significantly affected the ability of a guest to enjoy the process of wine selection was the appearance, clarity, and navigability of the wine list itself. All too often, design is the Achilles heel of otherwise good or great lists. The Best Designed Wine List category was therefore added to celebrate and promote those restaurants that put the proper effort, time, and thought into the format of their wine list, including everything from the font, font size, and layout, to the organizing principles, whether those be color, country, region, style, price, or some other consideration. Although all Category-Award Judges assess and return their ratings for Design, they are fortunate to have expert insight from their colleague Alder Yarrow, who has a background as a high-level professional designer.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

The Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurant was opened in 2004 inside the Stone Barns Centre for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hill, New York. This is a four-season working farm attempting to bring farmers and chefs together to push the boundaries of sustainable farming and eating. The team are increasingly focused on the inequities of our food system that have been thrown into high relief by the pandemic, providing an urgency to their mission to build a food culture rooted in ecological farming, eating, and community. Writing in the New York Times as well as composing his own book, Dan Barber is the Executive Chef and is a significant influencer for the educational ambitions of the establishment. Rather than a menu, guests are greeted by the service team and then given many tasting dishes, naturally coming from the local market and farm yield. The accompanying wine-list is extensive, providing options that range across the globe. The World of Fine Wine Judges noted the inclusion of older vintages (60s/70s/80s/90s) on the wine list, alongside more recent ones. They praised the well-chosen producers as well as the quality of the small and large format selection.

630 Bedford Road, Tarrytown, New York 10591, United States 

Runner-Up - Best Designed Wine List in the World - 2020