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The categories for the first few editions of the World’s Best Wine Lists centered on the ambition, innovation, and passion of the restaurateur or sommelier in selecting interesting and varied wines. It soon became apparent to the Judges, however, as they studied hundreds of lists every year, that one aspect that significantly affected the ability of a guest to enjoy the process of wine selection was the appearance, clarity, and navigability of the wine list itself. All too often, design is the Achilles heel of otherwise good or great lists. The Best Designed Wine List category was therefore added to celebrate and promote those restaurants that put the proper effort, time, and thought into the format of their wine list, including everything from the font, font size, and layout, to the organizing principles, whether those be color, country, region, style, price, or some other consideration. Although all Category-Award Judges assess and return their ratings for Design, they are fortunate to have expert insight from their colleague Alder Yarrow, who has a background as a high-level professional designer.

Grand Hôtel, Stockholm - Global Winner 2021

Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, Sweden, looking out over the water to Stockholm castle and the Old Town, has been home to celebrities and grand events since 1874. The hotel houses Mathias Dahlgren’s Matbaren restaurant which is a Stockholm classic, and next door is his lacto-ovo vegetarian restaurant Rutabaga.

The wine cellar at Stockholm’s Grand Hôtel contains some 14,000 bottles and 1,800 different wines, making it among the most extensive collections of fine wine in Europe. World of Fine Wine Judges praise the Grand Hôtel for the quality of its collection as much as its quantity. As the judges note, it is “a remarkable list with great depth, and some very rare finds.” particularly when those wines take their place alongside the rather more accessible array of more recent vintages from the best contemporary producers from all over the world. The Judges praised the ‘exceptional large format selection’ as well as the verticals of the best producers, including in the sparkling section.


Address: Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8, Stockholm, 103 27, Sweden

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