Best By-the-Glass Wine List in the World without Coravin®

The offer of wine by-the-glass in bars and restaurants around the world has become an increasingly important way of engaging wine lovers, enabling them to explore the thrilling variety of wine, which has never been greater than it is today. While the huge potential of the Coravin® preservation system is very widely recognized, many bars and restaurants still offer wine by-the-glass using other systems or none at all, some sommeliers having an ideological preference for seeing a particular bottle consumed all at once on a particular occasion rather than extending its life over a period of weeks or months. In order to judge the Best By-the Glass Wine List without Coravin® category, Judges apply the same criteria as for other categories, including breadth, depth, height, balance, selection, accuracy, originality, suitability, design, and value.

Temperance Wine Bar- Global Winner 2022

Regional Winners - Best By-the-Glass Wine List without Coravin®